25$ Giveaway | Life Update | Career Update

Hey guys, 

 As of lately I've been playing call of duty mobile, watching movies and working from home. 

Call of duty mobile: 
Though very distracting, I love that game and wouldn't mind if you added me to play. My username is Wilmarck95 and I'll be changing it to Wilmarckmusic soon for branding purposes. For those of you who don't know, call of duty mobile is free, so check it out. 

Last night I watched an awesome movie called BLOOD DIAMONDS featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou. It's about a South American smuggler offering to help a poor fisherman find his family in exchange for a hidden diamond amid Sierra Leone's Civil war. It showcases the message that people in Africa are/were dying for the diamonds we buy/bought in America. It was a good watch and gave me some perspective on things. 

Working from home: 

Due to the corona virus I’ve been doing physical therapy with my clients from home via video chat. I like it because in between I get to eat when I want and my family is close by. My mom has been randomly cooking for me. My little brother and I grind each other up (tease each other) at random. As far as the corona virus goes I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 

My Health: 

As of today I am 220 lbs (obese). It all started back a few months ago. I went to the gym and decided I wanted to hit a personal record. My sleep was not at its best and I wasn’t consuming my favorite health supplements. I picked up the 85 lb dumbbells and pressed it over my head 6 times. The second time I felt a tweak. Since then, I've done therapy and gotten an MRI. There's no tears but they can tell there was trauma. My shoulder still hurts and my prediction is I'm going to have to move my diet into an elite space to accomplish the healing of my shoulder. This will consist of herbs, high phytochemical smoothies, organic foods, proper rest and much more. Lately it consists of Mcdonalds and Chick-fil-a, lol. 

This is gonna change because yesterday when spending some time on the famous Dame Dash’s Instagram I noticed he uploaded a video of him pricking his finger with a needle due to diabetes. That freaked me out. Diabetes is genetic and my father, grandmother and sister have it so after watching that I decided I'm gonna have to put a plan in place for diet and exercise that fits my hectic schedule. My weak point when I began falling off was meal prepping. I enjoy cooking a healthy diet but with running a business and working on a lot of personal things I don't have the time. I'm hiring my mom to cook 4 things for me twice a week. One pound of chicken breast, 1/2 a pound of clean fish, a family size bag of kale, and 4-8 cups brown rice. I will cook breakfast daily by myself and after each physical therapy session I'll have a protein shake and a readily available fruit (usually an apple). All I will have to do is weigh it according to my macros (calories) for the day.  It's not all set in stone but that is a general idea of what I want to do. Next I'm gonna have to do my therapy exercise and sleep 9 hours a day. I find when I sleep 9-10 hours I heal like Thanos. 

Career Update: 

Today I woke up and created a list of job titles that I am going to have to take on to be a successful musician. This includes web designing, social media marketing, graphic designing, photographing, video editing, marketing, blogging, and publicizing. I must become all of those things in order to become a successful musician and if I'm following the course properly. People literally go to school for years to obtain degrees for each of those job titles, then get on the job training and continuous learning on top of that. What’s my take on it? I'm up for the challenge and more. The reason why I say more is because on top of that I have to learn what you need to, to be a business owner also. Long story short I must learn business administration and human resource too. Why? Say two of my employees have a problem with each other and they are both being catty and one is looking at it from the perspective that they’re being harassed. If I don't find a way to resolve this solution someone may become seriously hurt and I am somewhat 100% responsible for it. The chance of that happening is extremely low because I screen who I hire and I am present and supervising the entire shift, but anything can happen. I have to learn how to manage this also (HR). The point I'm trying to make is I have a lot of work and learning to do. 

Speaking of hiring, I just had my first successful shift with the social media marketer that I hired. She’s read 50 pages of her assigned course (Music Success In 9 weeks), and on Tuesday the 6th, we reached out to 20 radio stations to have the single “Run It” played. Check it out here . Midway through the shift a Program director responded back and wanted me to do 2 drops. Which consisted of a recording mentioning my name, the song title and his radio station. I haven’t recorded in a while so I got a nostalgic feeling pulling my microphone out of my custom made wooden booth, and placing it next to the computer, where I record. We had a fun time laughing as I couldn't get his name right due to some stage fright and the syllable in his name. I wish we would vlogged it but we’ll be working on video/photo training at a later time. 

Yesterday I set up payroll and got workers comp insurance. Next Wednesday I'll be learning how to use the software. That way I'm paying her biweekly the legal way. There's a huge learning curve as an independent artist and I see why a lot of artists decide to give up. Working your 9-5 that pays the bills while being a part time musician in between 5-9 is tough but someone has to do it. I can’t wait until I'm a full time musician working regular hours. I long to see that day. 

The $25 Giveaway 

For those of you who don't know, I'm doing a $25 giveaway.  To Join, Listen to my album  “The Collection”  by signing up below and tell me the top 3 artist I sound like the most. Tomorrow April 11th, I will be announcing the winners. People have said they didn't receive the email when signing up so I decided to make this blog as a way to resend it and update you guys about what’s going on in my life.