My Life In May

Hey guys, 

I thought I would just fill you in on what I have accomplished from my goals and what I’ve been up to in the month of May. 

My Personal Life: 

 In my personal life, I have been able to start and accomplish several goals. First, I started taking photos with my DSLR camera. I am learning how to use it with the settings guide. I hope to get proficient enough so I can take my own creative and professional photos for my website, social media, etc. I have also started physical therapy and started coaching Terrence (Peak performance coach). It’s important for me to work on my physical health as much as I can and live a balanced life. Therefore, I am able to practice what I preach. As far as podcasts, I started listening to the Dr. Wayne Dyer Podcast. It has helped me keep motivated and learn more about spirituality. It’s important to always be taking this information in and bettering yourself and the spiritual aspect of your life. 

My Music: 

 As for my music and the professional side of things, I did my first radio show interview with TCP Network. It was a cool experience and definitely shows how I am making progress and establishing myself. Also, make sure to go check out the interview and let them know I sent you. We all have to support each other in the music world. In May, I got 12 more email subscribers. This is an important part of my plan to become a full-time musician because I rely on my email list to promote and let you guys know about my new content. I’ve also been pitching to blogs now, which again is another step in establishing myself. On top of that, I am working on Instagram and Facebook ads, which will help reach a wider audience and grow my email subscribers. I’m excited that I got 10 people to tell me the top 3 artists they think I sound like the most. This has allowed me to refine my pitch and bio so I can reach the right audience and make sure I grow my fans in the following months. Lastly, I am re-reading the book Music Success in 9 Weeks and making sure I follow every action step listed out. That means starting with taking Week 1 seriously and making sure I’m doing it right so I can keep building on the strong foundation I start with. 

My New Single 

And For those of you who don’t know I’m Wilmarck An Independent Hip-Hop Artist. Inspired By Drake, Kanye And Future I aspire to make music that holds the same potency but with the subject matter of peak performance. That means health, financial freedom, love, spirituality, purpose, and life. After listening to my music you’ll find yourself closer to city consciousness, lighter, at peace, engaged, entertained, inspired, aligned and motivated to live life to your fullest potential. Described as Conscious Trap & Hip-hop the collection of sounds I choose to create are some you're not gonna want to miss. Listen to my latest single free below.