So Guess What?

Before we get into my announcement I’d like to update you on my life shenanigans  

2 days ago I got some news from physical therapy that the range of motion in my shoulder is not moving along the way they’d like it to be. For those of you who don’t know my I got a bursectomy done, In response to this I’ve purchased an 8 pack of deep tissue massage and graston for the area in question.  


 I also meditated for 10 mins yesterday. I haven’t been meditating daily as I was before surgery but I'm not concerned I’ll get back to it soon as things get better. 


I won’t get deep into the details but I recently just took out a loan and basically just gave myself a record deal. This is important for 2 reasons. One, I preach Dave Ramsey to you guys and if he found out he’d probably be cursing me out right now. 2, I’ve had an important mindset shift about labels.


People say that they're the bad guy but if you took your money and invested in you the way they did you’d understand why. There’s zero guarantee that the money they've invested is coming back.  



Speaking of investments, my new song stamped has just been released :). Listen to it here for free