About Wilmarck

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish. We must learn more, dream more, and be more.” The previous quote/message is what Wilmarck, the independent Hip-Hop artist, wants you to hear as he releases his new project, “Updated.”Updated is a statement and a launch of several products/services, including music, a subscription service, merchandise, meet & greets, private shows & customized songs. Inspired by Drake, Kanye, and Future, he aspires to make music that holds potency but with the subject of peak performance. “I want to challenge people to live to their fullest potential uniquely. I want to start a new culture. None of us are born knowing it all. We all have to start somewhere”, Wilmarck says. His Niche is Hyper-Reality Trap Music. He’s had his music aired on the TCP Network, 200 Block Radio, Loss Bae Radio & More.

“They love your music at the station. You’re one of the artists that we get the most requests to play” — Marquis Lupton Of TCP Network.