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The name of Wilmarck has developed positivity, independence, and self-confidence. Being self-assured and self-reliant, Wilmarck’s are naturally inclined toward operating their own business or pursuing opportunities where their sense of freedom would not be curtailed.

Music Style 

Conscious Trap Hip-Hop. Wilmarck’s music is relatable and created to vibe to on your path to eliteness. Wilmarck is frequently compared to the likes of Drake, Kanye West, & Future. 

Notable Facts 

Wilmarck is a self-taught Hip-hop musician who resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He released his first single in 2018 and his full-length albums The Collections and Conscious in 2020 and 2023. Wilmarck's music can be heard on Spofity, Pandora Radio, iTunes and other streaming platforms & music distributors across the Internet. 

Wilmarck works part time in the music buisness and will be promoting his music both via the internet and concert performances across the country.

How long have you been rapping ? 

I started rapping since I was a child. I remember my brother taking lyrics used in a battle by Eminem in the movie "8 Mile" and making it his own. I then took the lyrics my brother wrote and made them my own. I fell in love with what I created and soon began to write daily. I used to love to kneel down over my bed and write 16 bars and recite them to my self until I remembered them. During that time I was obessed with words and anything stated to me. I would rhyme the last few words of that statement with the last few words of a newly created statement and make them into raps in my head. There was a computer in my attic that contained music from various artists but mostly Eminem and Lil Wayne, and I would go back and forth in phases of deep listening to those two legends. I remember going through an internal conflict of deciding who I felt was the best, which I later decided was Lil Wayne.

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

I would have to say the music that has influence me the most is popular hip-hop, especially artist like Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Future. Other major musical influences include Lorde, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. I believe all of those have influence my songwriting style in some way, shape, or form. As far as rap goes, if it wasn't for my being introduced to Kanye and Drake, my music wouldn't be what it is today. They're certainly my biggest music influence in that regard.

Music Releases  

Not The Same (2018)  

The Collection (2020)

Conscious (2023)

Wilmarck's Music is Available At :

Wilmarckmusic.com, Amazon.com, CDBaby.com

iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, and other streaming platforms.

Booking Information  

Wilmarck plays formal concerts, house concerts, clubs, weddings, corporate events, colleges, schools, church ministry events, fundraisers, and charity events.  

Email: Wilmarck@wilmarckmusic.com 

Web: www.wilmarckmusic.com/contact 

Social Networks 

Facebook: facebook.com/Wilmarckmusic 

Twitter: twitter.com/Wilmarckmusic 

Instagram: instagram.com/Wilmarckmusic 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOn9V290Uuul8CMoSJEdhHw?view_as=subscriber 

How do you go about writing your songs?  

There are many ways that I've gone about writing a song. Lately, I've been using a method I recently learned is called intuitive writing.  

First, I find a great instrumental/beat. I usually use SoundClick for this process and in some cases YouTube. A lot of beats are good, but I take my time to find one that moves me emotionally. I then begin creating melodies. Honestly, most of the time, they create themselves. From there, I intensely focus on creating lyrics that make sense, are true, sound great, don't offend people, and capture/channel my emotions, a moment, or the big picture I'm trying to create at the time.  

How long does it take you to create a song?  

I'm constantly learning new writing techniques and skills to master my craft. If I learn something new, I will apply it to any song. It helps to make it sound better, no matter how long ago I recorded it. I want to give my listeners the best experience possible, and I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. With that being said, the longest I've ever worked on a song before I released it is 2 years. As I transition from part time to full time into the music business, the amount of time traded for the level of product I aspire to release seems to shorten.